Nowadays, the global industries need the high quality packaging which the products are assured to delivery on schedule with the safetest and in the good condition. Meanwhile, the wooden crates are not allowed from many countries.



  ¬†Likely wooden packaging, they are highly sensitive to humidity, the products can be damaged from infestation issues.  
  Our steel case can solve your most complex packaging problem with ease.  
  Experienced maked us difference  
       We are a specialize in designing, engineering, manufacturing of steel case system for oversea transport of products which are highly sensitive to humidity and shock, such as auto parts and precision electronics parts. Our steel cases have an outstanding track record for transporting automobiles, motorcycles and power products "knock-down" parts. Unlike wood packing, steel cases contain no water, thereby minimizing the risk of rust damamge to the important goods. Otherwise, steel cases are light-weight and highly recyclable, thus fulfilling today's need for environment products With the reasonable priced, made-to-order system, we are confident to fulfill the satisfaction for our customer needs.  
  Steel Case Specification  
  Strong and durable
Light - weight
Easy to pack and unpack
Convenient to stack
Utilize your floor space
Capable recycle use
Environment protection
  Our steel cases are engineered to meet your product requirement and shipping needs.
Capable and suitable for packaging variety of products.
  Returnable Case  
        Optimum for multiple shipment with a long-lived performance.  
  One Way Case  
  Applicable for single shipment.
Precise packing to protect your products with the safetest and in the good condition.
  Capable to stack with variety performance.
Convenient to load and unload by forklift.
  The assembled of Steel Case  
  Easy to pack and unpack, saving you both time and labour costs.
Design for instant assembly with no special tool are required.
Only paddock can be used for assembling.
  The cases are custom designed to meet the special requirement of each component to be transported, and are made to withstand rigorous travelling conditions.  
  Steel Palette  
  Steel palette are the perfect transportation palettes with more reliable and longer-lived than¬†wooden crates. That is selected by many global industries.  
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